Sometimes cats are the best models. 
Happy 4th of July! Drew Luna because I’m so excited about Sailor Moon Crystal. Also wanted to try some dry media base Photoshop brushes for a change.
Created some Daybreak Illusion fan art because I feel like the series deserves some love, especially on Tumblr. I picked Luna because I thought her design would be fun to draw. I think it’s clever that her powers are nature based and her hair looks almost like a pine tree. =)
Drew the sketch in Mischief, but ran out of time to paint it on the program so I decided to use Artrage and touch the colors up in Photoshop. 
My cat has a strange obsession with bananas.
Drew a simple colored sketch in Mischief and enhanced the colors and added textures in Photoshop. 
Downloaded a trial to an art program called Mischief. It’s pretty cool. The drawing and painting tools in this program are very realistic looking, but they’re vectors. Seriously worth trying out. 
Unikitty is my spirit animal. 
Working on some lamp Post Guild homework.